Governance &structure

Our people and policies ensure our members' interests come first.

We help our members make informed choices by providing easy-to-understand products and insights into the healthcare system. We apply the same transparency and accountability to our business.

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Annual review

Read about our key achievements and results for the financial year ending 30 June 2019, and how we put our members' health first.


Our policies ensure the fund is run with integrity, and we remain focused on our goal of delivering more to our members. 

HCF Councillors

Find out more about the role of Councillors, who they are and information about the next election.

Councillor information

Elected Councillor Charter

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HCF Board Charter

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HCF Audit, Risk and Compliance Committee Charter

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HCF Investment Committee Charter

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HCF Nomination Committee Charter

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HCF People, Culture and Remuneration Committee

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HCF Life Board Charter

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HCF Life Audit Committee Charter

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HCF Life Risk Compliance Committee Charter


Manchester Unity Board Charter

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HCF Research Foundation Board charter

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