grants awarded

Project Year Amount

Professor Luke Bereznicki, University of Tasmania

Preventing Adverse Drug Reactions in the Elderly

2018 $274,000

Associate Professor Tom Briffa, The University of Western Australia

Better use of angiography in managing undifferentiated chest pain

2018 $240,000

Professor Gustavo Duque, The University of Melbourne

Prevention of in-hospital hip fractures in frail older persons

2018 $109,000

Professor Ian Harris, Australian Orthopaedic Association

Practice variation and outcomes of inpatient rehabilitation after joint replacement surgery, a data linage study

2018 $98,000

Mitchell Lawlor, The University of Sydney

Minimally invasive glaucoma devices: assessing safety and efficacy with existing real-world registry data

2018 $80,000

Professor David Paterson, The University of Queensland

RCT of “treat all” versus “test and treat” strategies to prevent surgical site infections

2018 $85,000

Professor Geoffrey Tofler, Royal North Shore Hospital

Patient Directed Discharge Letter (PADDLE): A novel approach to improve patient knowledge satisfaction and outcome

2018 $200,000

Dr Brett Mitchell, Avondale College of Higher Education

Reduction of catheter associated urinary tract infections in hospitals:  a randomised study

2017 $170,662

Professor Ken Hillman, The Simpson Centre for Health Services Research

Reducing inappropriate admissions and long hospital stays to improve health management for elderly patients.

2017 $150,000

Professor Kate Curtis, The University of Sydney

An evidence-based approach to improving outcomes and reducing hospital-acquired complications in patients with rib fractures: Chest Injury Pathway (ChiP)

2017 $290,796

Professor John Wheatley, Westmead Hospital

Randomised controlled trial of a non-pharmacological integrated care intervention to reduce breathlessness in patients with severe or very severe chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)

2017 $60,246

Associate Professor Georgina Chambers, University of New South Wales (Sydney)

Evaluating the influence of model of care on health and psychosocial outcomes of mothers and babies

2017 $218,525

Dr Janine Bailey, Western Sydney University

Pharmacist-led Home Medicines Review at Orange Aboriginal Medical Service: Implementation and Evaluation

2017 $48,100

Associate Professor Mark Gillet, Royal North Shore Hospital

Impact of assessing and forwarding to GPs a Drug Burden Index in elderly patients discharged from Emergency Department

2017 $49,389

Ms Natalie Simmance, St Vincent’s Hospital (Melbourne) Limited

Identifying and reducing hospital-acquired malnutrition

2017 $85,797

Dr Ilana Ackerman, University of Melbourne

Feasibility and costs of implementing the International Consortium for Health Outcomes Measurement Standard Set for hip and knee osteoarthritis

Read the final report here.

2016 $150,000

Professor Gavin Andrews, St Vincent’s Hospital Sydney

A low-cost accessible online program that improves the mental wellbeing of women experiencing depression and/or anxiety during the perinatal period

2016 $150,000

Dr Lynette Cusack, The University of Adelaide

Evaluating the costs and effectiveness of reduced length of stay for planned caesarean sections

2016 $46,333

Dr Kirtan Ganda, Concord Repatriation General Hospital

Improving the identification and management of patients with radiographically proven osteoporotic vertebral fractures

2016 $20,000

Professor Edward Janus, Western Health

Standardising evidence-based interventions to shorten length of stay, reduce readmissions, reduce hospital costs and improve patient-reported outcomes for elderly patients in hospital with pneumonia

2016 $300,000

Dr Isuru Ranasinghe, University of Adelaide

Reducing unwarranted variation in early complications following cardiac pacemaker and defibrillator implantation in Australian hospitals

2016 $250,000

Professor Michael Solomon, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital

Retrospective analysis on the impact of mental health co-morbidities on key outcomes for surgical patients

2016 $85,000

Dr Christopher Freeman, The University of Queensland

Reducing medication misadventure and unplanned hospital admissions: A model of General Practitioner and Pharmacist collaboration in primary care

2016 $150,000

Professor John Attia, University of Newcastle and Hunter Medical Research Centre

Reducing unnecessary pathology test ordering in hospitalised patients

2014 $372,927

Assoc. Professor Roderick Clifton-Bligh, University of Sydney and Royal North Shore Hospital

Evaluation of fracture risk calculators for clinical practice

2014 $124,268

Ms Karen Demangone, Royal Hobart Hospital

Paediatric & Adolescent insulin pump Decision Aid – a Novel Intervention (PANDANI)

2014 $50,023

Ms Carmel Kennedy, Macquarie University Hospital

Design and implementation of an improved pre-admission assessment clinic

2014 $309,532

Assoc. Professor Friedbert Kohler,  HammondCare and Sydney South West Area Health

Hospital Inpatient versus Home-based rehabilitation after knee replacement (HIHO Study)

2014 $140,463

Assoc. Professor Friedbert Kohler, HammondCare and Sydney South West Area Health

Consumer preferences for rehabilitation

2014 $43,440

Dr Karen Luxford, Clinical Excellence Commission

TOP 5 (Beyond the Hospital)

2014 $299,900

Dr Mary McCaskill, The Children's Hospital at Westmead

Investigating Paediatric Appendicitis Scores Study (iPASS)

2014 $175,505

Assoc. Professor Christopher Pearce, Inner East Melbourne Medicare Local 

Admission risk calculation in general practice

2014 $397,989

Dr Nicholas Zdenkowski, Australia and New Zealand Breast Cancer Trials Group

Evaluation of a decision aid for women considering neoadjuvant systemic therapy for operable breast cancer

2014 $191,936

Professor Alan Pearson

A multi-site audit of current in-hospital falls prevention practices and assessment of the effectiveness of best practice implementation strategies

2014 $265,000

Professor Ian Harris

Improving services and outcomes for joint replacement recipients

2013 $722,045

Dr Simon Rice

Preventing relapse of major depressive disorder in young people: development and piloting of a moderated online social therapy intervention

2013 $199,959

Professor William Runciman

Use of surgical and radiology checklists in Australian hospitals: uptake, barriers and enablers

2012 $311,195

Dr Emer Heatley

Post-natal reminders to test for type 2 diabetes in women who have experienced gestational diabetes mellitus - a randomised controlled trial (the DIAMIND study)

2012 $50,000

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