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The 2018 EOI program engaged 6 research teams providing $1million in funding to improve health outcomes for neonates in intensive care, in-hospital burns victims, and to enhance the resilience of the mental health of our medical practitioner workforce. Other projects are focused on assisting general practitioners engage in end of life discussions; early referral palliative care programs for patients with severe heart failure; and research to assist adolescents and young adults to voice their choices at end-of life.  

In March we showcased our prominent researchers at the HCF Research Foundation Symposium (HSRAANZ conference). Four Foundation researchers provided an overview of their key activities that are making a difference in health care policy and practice.

  • Dr Marym McCaskill, who developed a new treatment model at The Children’s Hospital Westmead for children with abdominal pain aimed at reducing unnecessary admissions and associated family burden.
  • Assoc Prof Ilana Ackerman, experienced physiotherapist and musculoskeletal researcher who is engaged at the highest levels in measuring patient outcomes for hip and knee arthroplasty.
  • Assoc Prof Justine Naylor, Whitlam Orthopaedic Research Centre who is emerging as the Australian expert on developing sustainable rehabilitation health care models in Australia, and
  • Prof Adam Elshaug, HCF Research Foundation Professorial Fellow who is internationally renowned for his efforts to minimise low-value health care.

The Foundation continued its emphasis of funding research to prevent low value health care at the Menzies Centre for Health Policy. Professor Adam Elshaug’s research is achieving considerable traction with New South Wales Health and Queensland Health recently highlighting the impact on their respective health care budgets. HCF has also taken a proactive stance in this matter by measuring the impact that unnecessary health care interventions has on its members.

Our joint scholarship program with the RACGP also engaged two more GP researchers in 2018:

  • Dr Jo-Anne Manski Nankervis who is developing a primary care model to predict the probability of knee replacement surgery at 5 and 10 years for people aged 45 years and over with osteoarthritis.
  • Prof Lyndal Trevena who is researching ways to help GPs assess patient risk as part of their diagnosis and recommended treatment paths for cardiovascular disease and osteoarthritis.

Finally, as the Foundation completes its 5 year partnership with TAPPC, it is worth reflecting on the fact that this proactive group of partners – the Australian Government Department of Health, NSW Health, ACT Health and the National Health and Medical Research Council – created an organisation that is now regarded as the premier prevention research centre in Australia. As a founding partner, the HCF Research Foundation is proud that the centre was recently been awarded with a $10 million grant from the Medical Research Future Fund and will continue with
a new 5 year research program. This is sizeable win for preventative health care research and health comes for all Australians!

I want to thank the Foundation Manager, Wayne Adams, my fellow Directors, the HCF team and all of the researchers that we fund for their dedication to supporting our mission to improve healthcare services for all Australians.

Lisa M Mcintyre
Chair, HCF Research Foundation

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History of the Foundation

The HCF Research Foundation was established in 2000 as The HCF Health and Medical Research Foundation to fund health and medical research for the benefit of all Australians. In 2008 the focus was moved towards health services research, an area of research which does not receive large funding dollars from other sources. In 2013 the name was simplified to HCF Research Foundation and in 2015 a Corporate Trustee was established to manage the Foundation’s affairs. The HCF Research Foundation was originally established with a donation from The Hospitals Contribution Fund of Australia Limited (HCF). While HCF has donated money, the HCF Research Foundation operates independently and with specific focus on funding health services research that can benefit all 23 million Australians.

Health services research examines how people get access to health care, how much health care costs, and what happens to patients as a result of this care. The objectives of the HCF Research Foundation’s health services research program are to improve the prevention, treatment and cure of diseases in the general community by funding research and study proposals that enhance and utilise current knowledge to improve health and health services; and improve the quality, efficiency, access to and equity of provision of health services.

The HCF Research Foundation’s research program therefore addresses the main dimensions of the health system that are of concern to HCF, the HCF Research Foundation and the community at large: achieving better health outcomes and access to affordable, high quality health care when and where needed.

Mission & vision


The HCF Research Foundation’s mission is to improve the delivery of health services in Australia for the benefit of all Australians. We do this by funding research projects that focus on new ways to provide high quality care to improve patient outcomes.


To be known as a leading independent funder of high quality research that leads to the improvement of health care services for all Australians.

To facilitate easy-to-access funding so researchers can focus their efforts on delivering the benefits of their research projects.

To drive more research by providing transparent and fair funding opportunities for all Australian researchers, institutions and organisations.


HCF funded the corpus of the Foundation by donation from the net surplus of the health fund. Since the Foundation’s inception, HCF has made contributions to the Foundation of $50 million.

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