The No-Gap Pregnancy package is now closed to new participants. If you enrolled in the program before 31 January 2023, you won't receive any out-of-pocket costs* for your entire pregnancy at Sydney Adventist Hospital. This includes:

  • care under a participating obstetrician, including birth management fee
  • anaesthetist costs, including any out of hours services
  • delivery suite, theatre costs and ward accommodation diagnostics (ultrasounds and pathology provided at Sydney Adventist Hospital and San Ultrasound for Women)
  • paediatric consultation following birth
  • natural and caesarean births.

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HCF and The Sydney Adventist Hospital are actively exploring alternative joint value member initiatives and programs. Current maternity patients can direct their enquiries to the SAH Maternity Enquiries team on (02) 9480 4154.

For questions regarding your HCF cover and obstetric eligibility, please contact us.

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Joining and eligibility

When does this program end?
The No-Gap Pregnancy package is now closed to new participants. If you've been accepted into the program by your referring obstetrician before 31 January 2023, we'll honour our commitment to deliver you a no-gap experience for your pregnancy and birth.

How do I find a participating obstetrician?
Refer to the list of obstetricians at the Sydney Adventist Hospital. You can also search for obstetricians who are part of our no-gap and known gap scheme to reduce your out-of-pocket costs. See a list of obstetricians who participate in our network.

How do I know if I'm under the right HCF cover for pregnancy and birth?
Please log in to online member services to check your cover details. If you need to upgrade your cover, call us on 13 13 34 or visit your local branch.

Enrolled in the program? Here's what's included

What pregnancy out-of-pocket costs will I have?
Members enrolled in the program before 31 January 2023 will not experience any pregnancy out-of-pocket costs, apart from any policy excess payable (for example, if you're claiming for the first time that calendar year you may need to pay an excess).

If you want additional services, fees may apply. Please speak with your participating medical provider to confirm and ensure a valid Informed Financial Consent is given to you.

Can my partner stay with me in the hospital?
Yes, your partner can stay with you overnight as a carer (but not as an admitted patient), but the No-Gap Pregnancy package doesn’t cover any costs your partner may incur while staying with you at hospital (for example, meal costs). These costs will need to be paid by you and/or your partner to Sydney Adventist Hospital on discharge.

Please refer to the Sydney Adventist Hospital website or contact the Sydney Adventist Hospital for further information.

What is covered with obstetrician fees and management fees?
Participating obstetricians will be providing their standard model of care for patients enrolled in the No-Gap Pregnancy program. Check with your medical provider to confirm with them their planned consultations and any other services.

How do I make sure I have a no-gap experience?
For members enrolled prior to 31 January 2023, please take the following steps to make sure you receive the no-gap experience at the Sydney Adventist Hospital and that you're bulked billed throughout your pregnancy journey:

  1. You've been accepted into the No-Gap Pregnancy program prior to 31 January 2023 and have received details from your obstetrician on how to book into the Sydney Adventist Hospital through the online eAdmission portal. You will get this information after your initial appointment.
  2. You have a referral from your participating obstetrician to present at any included pathology tests or ultrasound scans.
  3. Take your Swaddle membership card (provided following your initial obstetrician consult and acceptance into the program), Medicare card and referral (pathology and ultrasound) to all your Swaddle appointments.

Pregnancy and birth

Is there a difference in cover between natural and caesarean births?
No, the No-Gap Pregnancy package is inclusive of natural and caesarean births, which also includes any emergency births, as long as you’re under the care of a participating obstetrician at the Sydney Adventist Hospital and were enrolled into the program before 31 January 2023.

What if I deliver earlier than my expected due date and will not have served the 12 month waiting period by the birth date of my baby, will I still be covered under my policy?
If you've been accepted into the program and you deliver earlier than your estimated due date and completion of your 12 month pregnancy and birth related waiting periods, we’ll need a letter from your participating obstetrician confirming your estimated due date, so HCF can consider whether it will cover the hospital admission and medical services for the delivery under your policy and whether it can be included in HCF’s No-Gap Pregnancy package. 

Cover for your baby

How do I make sure my baby is covered with private health insurance?
If you’re pregnant and on a single membership, to cover your child from their date of birth make sure you upgrade to a family or single parent membership within 2 months of your child’s birth. If your child isn't added to your policy within this time frame, your child won’t be covered for procedures that occur during the initial 2 month waiting period.

The family or single parent membership commences from your baby’s date of birth. For more information call 13 13 34.

If the baby needs special care, are they covered?
In the event your baby requires admission into Sydney Adventist Hospital’s Special Care Nursery, you’ll need to make sure you’ve added your baby to your private health fund cover within 2 months of the baby’s date of birth for this to be covered. You may receive an estimate letter from the Sydney Adventist Hospital if you haven’t added your baby onto your HCF policy.

Please refer to the Sydney Adventist Hospital website or contact the Sydney Adventist Hospital on (02) 9480 4154 for further details. For more information about adding your baby to your policy, please call HCF on 13 13 34.

Getting in touch

For more information about the program please call HCF on 13 13 34.

You can also visit the Sydney Adventist Maternity’s website, or call them on (02) 9480 4154.

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Important Information

Except for any hospital excess payable under your cover. Only for participants enrolled in the No-Gap Pregnancy package before 31 January 2023.