As an HCF member, you have every right to expect excellent service from us. We are committed to achieving this.

HCF is a not for-profit organisation, so our focus is on our members not shareholders.

Our Mission:

HCF’s mission is to satisfy the needs of Australians for access to affordable, high quality health care when and where they need it; personal protection; and peace of mind.

We will:

  • Be helpful;
  • Assist you courteously and professionally;
  • Clearly explain our answers and actions, and your options;
  • Clearly explain changes in your policy and premium so they are easily understood;
  • Let you know of any changes to your policy conditions or cover before the change occurs;
  • Provide clear, relevant information on claims and your membership.

Making claiming and dealing with us easy:

There are a range of ways you can claim - online, at our branches, through the post, via our mobile app, or at on-the-spot claims terminals at many of our providers.

Various providers will process your claim for you.

So we can help, we ask that you:

  • Be courteous to our staff;
  • Let us know when things change, for example, your contact details;
  • Give us feedback on our service.

Contacting HCF

In Person - visit a branch, Dental or Eyecare Centres

HCF has many branches, kiosks and agents across Australia who provide a convenient service for joining HCF, accessing advice and making claims.

HCF Eyecare centres are independently owned and operated by Eyecare Holdings Pty Limited ACN 054 365 196.

By phone

When you call, you can expect that:

  • Our staff will identify themselves by name;
  • If we cannot help you immediately we will arrange for someone to call you at a time suitable to you;
  • We aim to return your call within the same working day or next working day if the contact is received outside of business hours.
By mail

We aim to respond to mailed enquiries within 5 working days of receiving these.

By email, and through our website

When we receive your email at, or message through the Members Section of our website, you will immediately receive an acknowledgement via our email management system. This tracks your communication with us.

We aim to formally acknowledge your email and provide a response within 3 working days.

Have a complaint?

If there’s a problem about your membership, contact HCF directly so we can assist in resolving it as quickly as possible. If necessary an Internal Dispute Resolution Officer will be appointed to independently review the issue.

Private Health Insurance Ombudsman

If you are unhappy with our resolution you can contact the Private Health Insurance Ombudsman, to help resolve your concerns.

Call: 1800 640 695


Write: Private Health Insurance Ombudsman, Suite 2202, 580 George St, Sydney NSW 2000

Respect for your privacy

Your privacy is important to us. How HCF handles your privacy is explained in our privacy policy, including:

  • How we collect, use, disclose personal information (which may include obligations to overseas recipients in compliance with its privacy obligations)
  • How we keep and secure personal information;
  • How to opt out from direct marketing;
  • How to access or correct your personal information;
  • How to complain about a privacy breach and how this is handled by HCF.

For a copy of this policy visit, your local branch or call our Member Services team on 13 13 34.

We value your feedback

We look forward to hearing from you.

T. 13 13 34

+ HCF Member Service Charter [PDF]