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We encourage examination and improvement of the provision, administration and delivery of health services to consequently effect positive changes to the health of all Australians


The HCF Research Foundation (the Foundation) is charitable trust which was set up to encourage research and enquiry into the provision, administration and delivery of health services in Australia for the benefit of HCF contributors and the public generally.

HCF has generously made a number of donations since inception to bring the corpus of the Foundation to $50 million. Each year, we aim to commit approximately $2 million dollars from investment income towards research that will benefit our community through improvements in the way that health services are provided, how patients are supported during and after care and prevention of adverse events such as falls in hospital.

Each year, we are proud to see the exciting outcomes of the research that we fund helping a variety of Australians across a diverse range of health situations. The Foundation’s activities include funding research projects selected through a highly competitive grant process, and funding a select number of Direct Partnerships with an expectation that this method of funding will both improve the availability of monies for health services research and assist in the translation of research. Some examples of our Partnerships include:

  • The Australian Prevention Partnership Centre: A major new $22.6 million partnership research centre to ensure health policy makers can access the best research evidence about what works to address lifestyle-related chronic disease.
  • Supporting Associate Professor Adam Elshaug (University of Sydney): Professor Elshaug is an internationally recognised researcher and policy adviser with expertise in reducing waste and optimising value in health care.
  • The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners: This partnership provides specific funding to General Practitioners to undertake health services research.
  • These projects, amongst many, are outlined in more detail on this website. I encourage you to read them and see how good quality health services research, funded appropriately, can make improvements to the health system for everyone’s benefit.

Lisa M. McIntyre

The HCF Research Foundation, now in its 14th year, was established in 2000 as The HCF Health and Medical Research Foundation to fund health and medical research for the benefit of all Australians. In 2008 the focus was moved towards health services research, an area of research which does not receive large funding dollars from other sources. In 2013 the name was simplified to HCF Research Foundation and in 2015 a Corporate Trustee was established to manage the Foundation’s affairs. The HCF Research Foundation was originally established with a donation from The Hospitals Contribution Fund of Australia Limited (HCF). While HCF has continued to donate money, the HCF Research Foundation operates independently and with specific focus on funding health services research that can benefit all 23 million Australians.

Health services research examines how people get access to health care, how much health care costs, and what happens to patients as a result of this care. The objectives of the HCF Research Foundation’s health services research program are to improve the prevention, treatment and cure of diseases in the general community by funding research and study proposals that enhance and utilise current knowledge to improve health and health services; and improve the quality, efficiency, access to and equity of provision of health services.

The HCF Research Foundation’s research program therefore addresses the main dimensions of the health system that are of concern to HCF, the HCF Research Foundation and the community at large: achieving better health outcomes and access to affordable, high quality health care when and where needed.

The HCF Research Foundation’s mission is to encourage examination and improvement of the provision, administration and delivery of health services to consequently effect positive changes to the health of all Australians. This is achieved by funding research projects that consider the most effective ways to organise, manage, finance and deliver high quality care; reduce errors; and improve patient safety.

  • To be known as an independent funder of high quality research demonstrating that investment in research can contribute to the improvement of the health of Australians.
  • To be easy to deal with so that researchers are not subject to onerous requirements with regards to applications and reporting in order that they can spend their time focussing on research.
  • To contribute to capacity building in the area of health services research by encouraging new researchers and service providers to partner with career researchers to develop sound project plans.

HCF funds the corpus of the Foundation by donation from the net surplus of the health fund. Since the Foundation’s inception, HCF has made contributions to the Foundation of $50 million.

In 2013/14, the HCF Research Foundation committed more than $2.1 million towards health services research projects. This was comprised of funds for ten investigator driven grants from the annual Expressions of Interest (EOI) funding round and three direct partnerships. Since inception, the HCF Research Foundation has committed a total of $13.3 million across 28 universities, research institutes and hospitals throughout Australia.




HCF Research Foundation
GPO BOX 4242
Sydney, NSW, 2001

Wayne Adams
HCF Research Foundation Manager
(02) 9290 0171

Each year, we are proud to see the exciting outcomes of the research that we fund helping a variety of Australians across a diverse range of health situations.

Lisa M. McIntyre

Grants & Research Achievements

Select a year
Grant Development and piloting of a flexible online secondary prevention program for cardiac patients Help Yourself Online
Principal Researcher Dr Rosemary Higgins
Amount $125,025
Grant A mobile phone administered weight management program tailored for young adults
Principal Researcher Assoc. Professor Margaret Allman-Farinelli
Amount $309,202
Grant Top 5 - Improving the care of patients with dementia
Principal Researcher Dr Karen Luxford
Amount $354,900
Grant Minimising post-operative risk through PACT (Post-Anaesthetic Care Tool)
Principal Researcher Dr Maryann Street
Amount $122,820
Grant Ventilator Associated Pneumonia: developing consensus for a pragmatic 'clinical surveillance' definition and measuring current incidence in Australian ICUs
Principal Researcher Professor Doug Elliot
Amount $221,863
Grant Reducing variation in clinical practice: a twin track approach to support improved performance
Principal Researcher Professor Jonathon Karnon
Amount $314,294
Grant An integrated electronic decision support system for cardiovascular disease management
Principal Researcher Dr Julie Redfern
Amount $297,927
Grant An Independent National Clinical Evidence Service
Principal Researcher Professor Enrico Coiera
Amount $988,855
Grant Maximum Recovery after Knee Replacement (MARKER) study
Principal Researcher Dr Marlene Fransen
Amount $465,500
Grant CHOICE study for secondary prevention of heart disease
Principal Researcher Professor Ben Freeman
Amount $604,697
Grant ICARUSS - A Program Of Integrated Care To Reduce Disability And Institutionalisation In Older Australians By Preventing Secondary Stroke
Principal Researcher Dr Jacques Joubert
Amount $1,382,224
Grant Utilisation Review As A Tool To Redesign Rehabilitation And Subacute Care In Australia
Principal Researcher Assoc. Professor Chris Poulos
Amount $326,506
Grant A randomised, single centre study of the equivalence of two interocular lenses used in cataract surgery - Tilganga Intra-Ocular Lens trial
Principal Researcher Professor Hugh Taylor and Professor Rasik Vajpayee
Amount $100,000
Grant Evaluation of Orthopaedic Treatment Effectiveness across Victorian Hospitals
Principal Researcher Dr Donna Urquhart and Professor Peter Cameron
Amount $128,000
Grant Evaluating A Novel, Automated Telephone System For Improving The Long Term Management Of Diabetes
Principal Researcher Professor Brian Oldenburg
Amount $311,032
Grant Effect of interdepartmental transfers on hospital-acquired infection in elective orthopaedic and cardiothoracic patients.
Principal Researcher Ms. Nicole Blay
Amount $98,643
Grant Development and Evaluation of a Screening Instrument for Patients Intending to Undergo Elective Facial Cosmetic Surgery and Cosmetic Dentistry
Principal Researcher Ms. Roberta Honigman
Amount $80,155
Grant Effect of progressive exercise training on mobility, cognition and health-care utilisation for acutely hospitalised older patients
Principal Researcher Dr Kwang Lim
Amount $99,223
Grant Patient education processes: does patient background influence the preference for mode of delivery
Principal Researcher Assoc. Professor David Christie
Amount $97,356
Grant Clinical Errors: Their Causes And Frequency In Australian Hospitals
Principal Researcher Professor Johanna Westbrook
Amount $228,023
Grant Use of surgical and radiology checklists in Australian hospitals: uptake, barriers and enablers
Principal Researcher Professor William Runciman
Amount $311,195
Grant Post-natal reminders to test for type 2 diabetes in women who have experienced gestational diabetes mellitus - a randomised controlled trial (the DIAMIND study)
Principal Researcher Dr Emer Heatley
Amount $50,000
Grant Using the electronic Practice Based Research Network (ePBRN) to prevent re-admission for type 2 diabetes
Principal Researcher Dr Sarah Dennis